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May 25th, 2019

What is Sponsorion?

Sponsorion will be a platform for fans to directly fund creators through a tiered, subscription-based pledge system.

What sets us apart from the others is that we will be the first crowdfunding platform built from the ground up to welcome both regular and ero (animations/drawings/erogames/etc) content!

Ero Content?

Yes! We are dedicated to working with only with processors, investors, etc that are on board with non-real life adult content.  You won't end up with those partners by chance - it has to a priority, and it has to be a priory from the very beginning. Individual creators try and sometimes succeed at passing below the radar of more prudish entities, but you can't run a crowdfunding platform that way. That said, the vast legal overhead for real life content (actors, actresses, etc) is beyond what our business is capable of handling, and we do apologize for that.


But what if I'm not interested in seeing -that- kind of content?

No worries! You'll be able to hide or show the more sensitive content with ease, and use our filter system to browse only the content that appeals to you!


Your Community Guidelnes ban political/social movements, what's that about?

Creator accounts cannot be used to fund political activism and/or social movements. We will be reasonable when it comes to determining if an account is in violation – no one should be surprised to learn they are violating that rule.  The reason we've banned such movements is because they would be putting us at risk for something outside of our domain - we intend to be an apolitical supporter of both ero and regular content.


What features will you have?

  • Intuitive and rapid content navigation using galleries and tags.

  • Ability to have multiple goal and reward tier levels.

  • Ability to post images/video/polls/text (Of course).

  • Analytic capabilities to help you run your operation.

  • The low 5% + (payment processor cost) fee that used to be the gold standard of crowdfunding, before the industry realized it could get away with charging 7%, 8%, or even more!

  • A payment processor fee of 3.95% + 0.35c, comparable to the 2.90%+0.35c charged by paypal

  • Transparent billing process.

  • Batch pledging & fees paid creator-side, not sponsor-side (as is standard for subscription crowdfunding)

  • Chargeback protection.

  • And much more!

What payment processor are you working with?

We're working with EmerchantBroker, a highly competitive and well-reviewed adult payment processor that's been around since 2011. Adult payment processing in general has gotten a great deal more competitive over the last decade, although few are also equipped to handle crowdfunding like EMB. Their fee is as noted above, although that is only the initial fee - in the long run we'll have access to a fee virtually the same as paypal.  Payments will still be made on our site, of course - this a behind-the-scenes thing.

How can I help?

We'll be starting Alpha/Beta testing as soon as payment processing is completely online! Contact us at Support (-AT-) sponsorion.com if you're interested in participating! Or if you have any other questions and/or comments~