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March 19th year 2019

What is Sponsorion?

Sponsorion will be a platform for fans to directly fund creators through a tiered, subscription-based pledge system.

What sets us apart from the others is that we will be the first crowdfunding platform built from the ground up to welcome all creators without the field discrimination plaguing the mainstream financial industry.

All types of creators?

Yes! We are designing this operation to handle both casual and adult content creators equally, without pressure from ad companies or financial institutions.

Honest adult content creators are continuously driven out the industry, leaving only the big names and shady dealers. When the best advice for processing payments is "lie about your industry", it's not a surprise the folk we should be supporting the most are the ones being supported the least.

But what if I'm not interested in seeing -that- kind of content? No worries! You'll be able to hide or show the more sensitive content with ease, and use our filter system to browse only the content that appeals to you! What features are planned?

  • Intuitive and rapid content navigation using galleries and tags.
  • Ability to have mutliple goal and reward tier levels.
  • Ability to post images/video/polls/text (Of course).
  • Transparent billing process.
  • The low 5% + (payment processor cost) fee that's the gold standard in crowdfunding.
  • A payment processor fee of 3.95% + 0.45c, comparable to the 2.90%+0.35c charged by paypal
  • Batch pledging & fees paid creator-side, not sponsor-side (as is standard for subscription crowdfunding)
  • Chargeback protection.
  • And much more!

What do you mean by 'building from the ground up'? What are you doing that others have not? The main reason this niche has been left open for so long is because a great deal of mainstream finance won't work with adult content. Things that non-adult businesses completely taken for granted, like payment processor availability, become major hurdles if any of your clients make sexy pictures. Creating a platform that works with adult content creators requires one work only with investors and other partners that won't demand such content be purged. You won't end up with those partners by chance - it has to a priority, and it has to be a priory from the very beginning. Individual creators try and sometimes succeed at passing below the radar of more prudish entities, but you can't run a crowdfunding platform that way.

What payment processor are you working with? We're in talks with EmerchantBroker, a highly competitive and well-reviewed adult payment processor that's been around since 2011. Adult payment processing in general has gotten a great deal more competitive over the last decade, although few are also equipped to handle crowdfunding like EMB. Their fee is as noted above, although that is only the initial fee - in the long run we'll have access to a fee virtually the same as paypal. The 35c/45c difference is due to needing to use their payment portal tech to handle VAT, credit card security, and similar concerns - for the low low price of ~800k we could afford to develop our own but that is not within our budget at this time (international payment portals are on an entirely different level than even enterprise-ready galleries). Payments will still be made on our site, of course - this a behind-the-scenes thing.

How can I help?

Spread the word! We know there are thousands of creators and artists out there who are wishing for a place like this to exist, and we want to make it happen! You can contact us by emailing Support( -at- )Sponsorion( dot )com or by using the contact button on this page!